Showcase Elly

Showcase with three doors in solid oak, with one European gray glass door and internal lighting. Metal base, and iron or laminam inserts.
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Elly Showcase certainly represents a elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture. Equipped with three doors, it is original due to the presence of tempered smoked glass. In fact, this peculiarity cannot go unnoticed as it is equipped with an internal lighting system. The materials that can be used are different and concern solid oak, open pore lacquer or material.

The attention to detail is not limited only to the structure, but also extends to the base. The latter varies according to the feet which can be inclined bracket or frame. The Elly Showcase is completely customizable: iron or laminam inserts can be requested for the doors. The finishes available for the article are many, just to satisfy any need or personal taste.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 110 cm

↗︎ Depth: 42 cm

↕︎ Height: 185.1 cm

Advantages :

✔ Backlighting, which gives elegance and light especially in dark spaces
✔ Personalization of individual doors, body, inserts and base
✔ Materials used that comply with UNI-EEC regulations
✔ Excellent standard size for any environment


Showcase with 3 doors. two wooden doors with 20/10 oak veneered mdf support with oak edging. Brushed surface. One door in 6 mm thick tempered European gray glass.

  • Wooden shell (sides, lid, bottom, shelves) in fir blockboard veneered in 12/10 oak. Back in 6/10 oak veneered plywood. External sides and brushed top.
  • Textured body (sides, lid, bottom, shelves) panels in textured melamine edged with ABS edge. Variant of the external body in matt lacquer. Vinyl glues and water-based urea resins compliant with UNI-EEC regulations.
  • Inserts in oxidized steel sheet with acrylic finish.
  • Inserts in laminam or neolith thickness 6 mm (porcelain stoneware).
  • Bases in powder coated or oxidized steel with acrylic finish.
  • Base in extra-clear transparent plexiglass 15 mm thick.
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