Amilia kitchen

Contemporary linear kitchen complete with appliances with optional dishwasher. A small and compact kitchen composition available in various colors, with a visible hood that enhances the design.
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Modern Amilia laminate kitchen , customizable in various colors for the doors, the structure and the worktop. Locked kitchen composed of a fridge column, base with casserole and two upper tabs / cutlery drawers, base with oven and sink unit. The steel sight hood stands out among the wall units, one of which is positioned to the left of the latter. On the right side of the hood, there are two wall units, one of which is a dish drainer. Complete the kitchen composition, the worktop, equipped with a rear upstand and the steel sink with a tub and drainer.

Contemporary linear kitchen measures:

  • L. 270 P. 60 H. 216 cm (with wall units H. 72 cm)
  • L. 270 P. 60 H. 240 cm (with wall units H. 96 cm)

Small locked kitchen, with the possibility to choose between two Kit of household appliances included in the price.

Candy appliance kit:

  • CFBD 2450 / 2E Freezer Fridge
  • Black static oven FST 100 N
  • CLG64SPX 60 4-burner stove top
  • Optional concealed dishwasher CD1 2120-02

Indesit appliance kit:

  • IND 2412 S Freezer Fridge
  • Black static oven FI 20 A.BK
  • Hob 60 PW 640 AS / IX stove valves with 4 burners
  • Optional concealed dishwasher DIF 14 B1EU


made of 18 mm thick E1 class chipboard covered in melamine in various colors.

Drawers and hinges:

metabox drawers with painted metal sides with shock absorber. Blum cushioned hinges.

Work plan:

made of laminate with a 4 cm thick post-formed edge or in laminate with a 4 cm thick Unicolor border.


made of plastic material with dust-proof gasket, covered with melamine paper H. 12 cm.

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