Furniture assembly and installation

TopArredi offers thousands of items in the catalog, and many of these require assembly operations to complete and use the product.

Most of the products are pre-assembled and the assembly consists of a few simple actions to complete the piece of furniture (for example in the wall units it will be enough to fix only one shelf, without having to assemble the back, the sides, the top, the hinges ... ). For this reason, sometimes the assembly can also be done by the same customers who have no experience in the field, as they can be facilitated by the assembly instructions that usually accompany the article.

For better clarity in each product sheet we indicate the degree of difficulty for assembly with a scale of one to five. This scale allows you to have a concrete idea about the assembly operations to be carried out to complete the piece of furniture, based on manual skills in using specific tools and on experience in the sector.

Furniture assembly

Absent and / or elementary assembly

Product already assembled ready for use or which needs small actions to complete. No experience or special tools are required. Some parts may need to be fixed, which can be carried out manually or with the aid of a screwdriver.

Easy assembly

Product that requires some assembly operations with the help of common tools such as screwdriver, wrench or allen screw. Some of these tools could already be supplied and be inside the delivered packages. In this case a bit of dexterity is required.

Medium assembly

Product that requires good manual skills in using furniture assembly tools. The use of tools such as a drill, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, an allen key and wrenches are required. It is advisable to carry out the operation with two people to facilitate handling of the packages during the assembly phase.

Difficult assembly

For the correct installation of the product an excellent knowledge in using all the tools for wall fixing and a good experience in the field is required. Installation operations must be carried out with two people.

Elaborate editing

Product to be assembled requires qualified personnel or professionals in the furnishing sector, able to carry out assembly operations with particular tools for a correct installation.


To install suspended furniture, we ask you to carefully check the wall (plasterboard or masonry) for the proper use of the dowels (not always supplied) before proceeding with assembly. Also check that there are no pipes or electrical wires at the supporting dowel that you are going to apply. If the assembly was complicated or unsuitable for your skills, you can request this service from our Customer Service. The furniture assembly service must be requested, possibly before the order is shipped, in order to carry out the delivery and the relative assembly on the same day. The cost of the service varies depending on the product, and the approximate time it takes for the correct installation.

The assembly service can be requested by e-mail or telephone to our Customer Service which is available to formulate the estimate of the requested service. The confirmation of the assembly to be confirmed must be paid before the shipment of the goods.