Siren network

Anatomical support in multilayer wood adjustable manually or by motor; suspension multidog system with resting surface with 2 or 4 joints, with SEBS multi-cell shock absorbers inserted in the frame profile
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Siren adjustable orthopedic bed base with sturdy plywood frame and dovetail corner joints. Multidog system with suspensions for a balanced distribution of body weight. In the low back area the slats are equipped with rigidity regulators for customizing loads. 38 mm staves covering the entire frame, with a 2 or 4 joint resting surface. ICILA / UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified Italian product .

Network available with manual adjustment or with double motorization , complete with mattress holder arches.

The wooden feet are H. 30 cm high obtaining a finished height of the top of the H. 35 cm net.

Single net measures with wooden frame:

  • L. 80 P. 190 cm
  • L. 80 P. 195 cm
  • L. 80 P. 200 cm
  • L. 90 P. 190 cm
  • L. 90 P. 195 cm
  • L. 90 P. 200 cm
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