Cloud network

Solid wooden slatted frame with anatomical support for single and double beds. Network with plywood slats of 25/35/25 mm complete with wooden feet and stiffness adjusters for the lumbar area.
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Cloud wooden slatted base with anatomic support, sturdy plywood structure with dovetail corner joints and elegant tapered feet.

Network with multidog system with suspensions housing three 25, 38, 25 mm slats, covering the entire frame. The greater height of the 38 mm slat favors air microflows, for perfect ventilation of the mattress. The 38 mm slats are shaped in the shoulder area, to ensure more elasticity, and are equipped with rigidity adjusters in the lumbo-scalar area.

The HYTREL multi-cell shock absorbers placed above the frame, to favor a springing (flexion / oscillation) more active than the single slats, with high independence of movement.

Wooden mesh sizes for beds:

Single Matrimonial
  • L. 80 P. 190 cm
  • L. 80 P. 195 cm
  • L. 80 P. 200 cm
  • L. 90 P. 190 cm
  • L. 90 P. 195 cm
  • L. 90 P. 200 cm
  • L. 160 P. 190 cm
  • L. 160 P. 195 cm
  • L. 160 P. 200 cm
  • L. 170 P. 190 cm
  • L. 170 P. 195 cm
  • L. 170 P. 200 cm

Only the double version (5 feet) provides a central support, for a more even weight distribution.

The wooden feet are H. 30 cm high obtaining a finished height of the top of the H. 35 cm net

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