ProArredo Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Company founded in the 2000s, by young industrialists, in the furniture area, in the province of Treviso. Always starting from the teaching of craftsmanship, this company has managed to reconcile both manual and automated techniques in the various years of work.

Various current materials are used in the various products, naturally made of wood, such as PVC, rotational polyethylene, plastics in general, glass, aluminum and iron. The products are therefore very innovative and differ in research and design, initially conceived, studied and eventually designed.

The skills of the various workers know how to make these products unique, supplied by this company in a highly creative way. The continuous research of materials and design guarantee totally Italian quality, supervised by expert technicians in the various processing phases.

  1. Sartor cupboard
  2. Renate cupboard
  3. Scenic cupboard
  4. Bazar sideboard
  5. Jacob sideboard