Scenic cupboard

Modern Sideboard room available in different colors on the front decorated with handmade. Madia placed on the ground or hanging on the wall with doors and drawers with push-pull opening.
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Sideboard with doors and drawers Scenic modern design and innovative thanks to hand-made finish. Madia living room characterized by the plot that can be in three different types with front just decorated or completely decorated. Thanks to the various plots available mobile can be placed either in a vintage and modern furniture.

Measures in hand decorated sideboard: L. 180 P. 60 H. 47.5 cm

design sideboard configurable with doors or drawers with push-pull opening and customizable in various colors. Sideboard finished on all sides to be able to also be positioned in the center of the room on a low base or on a base with 4 legs. You can alternatively hang the wall unit for an elegant, lightweight solution.


made from particle board (MDF) in which the emission of formaldehyde can be placed in Class A according to UNI EN 314 (class E1 according to German legislation DIBT)


made by hand with a mixture of quartz and acrylic copolymers in aqueous emulsion (product strictly water) in which the VOC emissions are below the limits of law.


  • anti-tilt system for anchoring wall always understood
  • antifortunistica shelves of 6 mm thick tempered glass with anti shelf supports and anti slipping
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