Convertible bed Zando

Foldaway single bed to furnish the living room or bedroom with upholstered sofa and upper shelf.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Convertible bed with sofa and Zando shelf , which finds space both in a living room and in a bedroom to obtain maximum comfort in a single solution. Foldaway bed available single, 1 and a half, French or double bed able to satisfy multiple needs based on space, which can be combined with other elements to compose a functional and modern furniture composition.

Convertible bed with comfortable upper shelf that always remains in a horizontal position even when the bed is being opened, without the need to remove the objects placed above. The storage sofa placed in front of the front of the bed allows you to have a comfortable relaxation area that can be customized in the fabric covering and in the choice of armrests.

Retractable bed with vertical opening with gas mechanism that slows down the stroke when opening and allows the feet of the bed to lie on the floor. For better comfort, courtesy led lights and a padded headboard can be inserted inside the structure; both accessories are very useful if you are reading a book or want to watch television.

Foldaway bed measures with shelf and sofa:

↔︎ Bed width: 107.6 - 130.6 - 160.6 - 180.6 cm

↔︎ Sofa width with narrow armrests: 130 - 160 - 180 cm

↔︎ Sofa width with wide armrests: 159 - 189 - 209 cm

↔︎ Sofa width without armrests: 100 cm

↗︎ Depth: 122/217 cm

↕︎ Height: 236 cm

↕︎ Sofa seat height: 39 cm

↕︎ Armrest height: 87 cm

↔︎ Width narrow armrests: 3.5 cm

↔︎ Width wide armrests: 18 cm

Mattress not included. Recommended mattress: ↔︎ 90 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 18 cm for the single version; ↔︎ 110 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 18 cm for the version 1 and a half square; ↔︎ 140 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 18 cm for the French version; ↔︎ 160 ↗︎ 200 ↕︎ 18 cm for the double version;


✔ Modern space-saving furniture solution for bedroom or living room
✔ Slow opening bed thanks to a sophisticated gas mechanism
✔ Customizable sofa in the upholstery and armrests
✔ Shelf for objects that always remains horizontal


made with 38 mm thick E1 class chipboard panels.


made with class E1 chipboard panels 22 mm thick.

Internal structures:

made with chipboard panels in class E1 22 mm thick with 6 mm diameter tubular aluminum bearing holders and 22 mm thick shelves supplied with removable fixing hooks on the sides.


made with class E1 chipboard panels 22 mm thick.


orthopedic with iron structure painted with epoxy resin and beech slats with strap in the center.


maximum bed capacity 200 Kg.


Wall anchoring at the fixing points is mandatory, as indicated in the assembly diagram, using the 9 mm diameter metal plugs supplied. Anchoring to plasterboard walls does not guarantee sealing safety.

Compliance with the assembly and fixing to the wall is the responsibility of the installer only.

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