Loreb convertible bed

single convertible loft bed with ladder, walk-in closet and sliding desk. compact and practical solution for a children's bedroom with reduced size.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Loft bedroom with walk-in closet Loreb, an idea was born to furnish a child's bedroom by the small size. Solution that hides a convertible bed, a sliding desk for studying and a walk-in closet for the wardrobe with LED lights. loft bed with horizontal opening lineup and two padded protection on the side of the bed. The walk-in closet hidden behind two doors opening to the package placed on the side, with shelves and hanging rails, it allows you to store each garment and accessory so always ordered at hand.

Measurements bed convertible with wardrobe: L. 218 P. 260 H. 148/233 cm (open / closed)

Not including the mattress. We recommend a single mattress size L. 200 P. 85 H. 18 cm

compact design solution which contains a small bedroom for kids that can be completed with internal LED lights. The lights are controlled by a switch and are placed on the sides within the convertible bed.


realized with chipboard panels of thickness E1 class 38 mm


realized with chipboard panels of thickness E1 class 22 mm


realized with chipboard panels of thickness E1 class 38 mm


made of chipboard panels E1 class 22 mm thick.


Orthopaedic with painted iron structure with epoxy resin and beech wood slats


Maximum bed load 150 kg


And 'obligatory the wall anchorage at fixing points, as shown in the assembly diagram, using the metal brackets provided of 9 mm diameter. Anchoring to plasterboard walls do not guarantee the sealing.

There is compliance with the assembly and attachment to the wall is entirely up to the installer.

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