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Modern Pisa kitchen, with a linear structure of length 330 cm, possibility to insert different types of appliances and customizable with doors in pi & ugrave; finishes, from white lacquer to gray oak matrix and bamboo & ugrave ;.

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Pisa, a modern and functional kitchen and proposed in a variant of finishes and color combinations.

A linear composition enriched by the preciousness of the finishes, with important details such as the insertion of the handle with aluminum profile in the upper part of the fronts and a detailed research on the combinations of different finishes, make this the extremely seductive kitchen environment .

The thermostructured surfaces in TRANCHE'o MATRIX finish are characterized by the high sensation of tactility, in some compositions accentuated by the contrast with the combination of matt lacquered fronts with the extraordinary silk effect.

The Pisa kitchens are equipped with Blum hinges for doors and flaps with built-in braking system, Blumotion drawer runners and slow-closing drawers.

Kitchen sizes: L. 330 cm P. 60 cm H. 238 cm

The kitchen consists of:

  • column   fridge h 214 with two doors complete with aluminum background-saver is prepared for REX 290 lt fridge or Ariston 274 lt. upside down (small door at the top and big below).
  • basa   with 60 cm door complete with internal shelf.
  • 60 cm oven base , designed for oven and hob with fixed bottom panel or (optional) drawer under oven.
  • basis   60 cm drawers complete with two drawers one of which is equipped with wooden cutlery and a basket, all mounted on guides BLUM Tandembox in damped closure.
  • basis   under sink 90 cm complete with stainless steel sink with two basins, the two baskets are on BLUM Tandembox guides with soft closing, a chest of drawers equipped with dustbin set, aluminum floor-saving. Mixer tap is not included .
  • wall cabinet with internal shelf, size 60 cm h.72 cm.
  • wall unit with integrated suction hood , measuring 60 cm h.72cm.
  • wall unit with one door complete with two internal shelves, measuring 60 cm h.96 cm.
  • open wall unit measuring 30 cm h.96 cm.
  • drainer wall cabinet with tilt opening and slow closing, measures from 60 cm h.60 cm. Dish drainer equipped with stainless steel grill and plastic drip tray, led lights under cabinet with Touch switch.
  • 2 cm thick worktop in Unicolor laminate finish.

REX / ARISTON appliances (optional)

For this kitchen, appliances are offered in three-piece sets (fridge, stove, oven).
Electrolux REX base set consisting of:

  • "PXL 64 V" stainless steel 60 cm hob, 4 burners with electronic ignition plus safety valve
  • black electric oven "F 13 N", energy class A-10%
  • 230 liter fridge-freezer "FI 259 / 2TEA +" with total recess, energy class A +

REX variants with surcharge:

  • "PX 750 V" 75 cm stainless steel hob, 5 burners with electronic ignition plus safety valve
  • stainless steel electric oven "F 13 X", energy class A-10%
  • multifunction electric oven black "F 53 N", energy class A-10%
  • stainless steel multifunction electric oven "F 53 X", energy class A-10%
  • "FI 22 / 10EA +" fridge-freezer, 290 liters, totally built-in, energy class A +
  • "TT390" dishwasher completely disappearing class A / A
  • dishwasher "TT801" completely retractable class A + / A

ARISTON Hotpoint base set consisting of:

  • "PF640 ES IX / HA" stainless steel 60 cm hob, 4 burners with electronic ignition plus safety valve
  • black electric oven "FH51 BK / HA", energy class A
  • 226 liter "BD 242 HA" fridge-freezer with total recess, energy class A +

ARISTON variants with surcharge:

  • 75 cm "PC 750 X" stainless steel hob, 5 burners with electronic ignition plus safety valve
  • electric oven "FHB 51 IX / HA", energy class A
  • "BCB 31 AA / HA" fridge-freezer with 274 liters total recessed, energy class A +
  • dishwasher "LFT 114 HA" totally disappearing class AAA

For other variants or custom designs contact the CUSTOMER SERVICE

Technical qualities

  • body / drums : in 18 mm thick melamine. All joints are sealed with polyurethane glue in order to avoid contact with moisture, avoiding swelling problems, aluminum sheets are inserted in the elements most at risk such as under sink or refrigerator base for an additional degree of protection.
  • Matrix doors / fronts: 18 mm thick panel covered with a laminate sheet. Coating based on melamine resins which is applied to particle board panels in E1 class. The assisted closing of the hinged doors thanks to the new BLUM damped hinges, allows to appreciate day by day the soft and silent closing of the door itself.
  • lacquered doors / fronts: 18 mm thick MDF panel with polyester paint base. The polyester paint guarantees excellent resistance to impact and a sensitivity of the surface stable over time and characterized by the extraordinary " silk effect " to the touch. The surface of the panel is treated by depositing a substance based on colored polyurethane. Assisted closure BLUM.
  • glass doors: with aluminum frame with polished stainless steel finish, with tempered glass printed with screen finish.
  • drawers: full extension Tandebox Plus by BLUM with Blumotion (soft closing guides). The highest quality for a certified safety that lasts over time, in fact the drawers are equipped, like the extractors, with end-of-run stop, automatic closing recall and assisted braking.
  • top / worktops: in HPL post-format bilaminate. It guarantees high quality standards related to scratch resistance, heat, steam, water, stains, impact and abrasion. On request, tops in other materials such as agglomerates, marble, granite, steel, glass, tiled etc. are available.

All the panels used in the production of these kitchens respect the regulations that limit the emission of harmful substances.
For this reason all the drums are in E1 class (minimum formaldehyde emission). The structures of the elements made of wood agglomerates derive 100% from recycled wood, this allows us to have the " Guaranteed Ecological Panel 100% Recycled Wood " mark.

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