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Excellent Italian company, located in the Friuli region, in the province of Pordenone, leader in the production of bathroom furniture and for the laundry area. This company, in addition to having an excellent sales position in our country, has found a favorable market abroad, thus increasing production in its factories.

The various panels and related products for the creation of the furniture are the result of conscious choices, to enhance Italian quality, taking into account respect for the environment in which we live and the various innovations that distinguish the production.

Creating your own bathroom using the furniture of this company has its own reason; it means choosing Italian materials and design, making your bathroom functional and modern, taking advantage of the various opportunities that the whole collection can offer. You can choose between the simple mirror, the washbasin cabinet, or all the complete furnishings to improve our quality of life through our personal style.

Arredobagno PuntoTre azienda Italiana
  1. Time bath
  2. Wang bath
  3. Nueve bath
  4. Freddy bath
  5. Alex bath
  6. Baxo bath
  7. Aliseo bath
  8. Alban bath
  9. Mimo bath
  10. Talassa bath
  11. Ipno bath
  12. Nemesi bath
  13. Etere bath
  14. Estia bath
  15. Ermes bath
  16. Efesto bath
  17. Ares bath
  18. Demetra bath
  19. Perseo bath
  20. Fabian bath
  21. Roddy bath
  22. Jaxon bath
  23. Dirck bath
  24. Mabel bath
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