Flat mirror

Container mirror, with flap opening door for bathroom furnishings, complete with two internal glass shelves. Modern mirror that includes socket and switch inside. Optional lamp.
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Flat container mirror with flap opening door (upward opening) complete with internal socket and switch and two fixed glass shelves. Modern mirror for the bathroom, with a gray interior finish. Finished mirror door with rounded edge and without frame.

Mirror with possibility to customize both colors and finishes.

Bathroom cabinet mirror measures:

  • L. 60 P. 12 H. 60 cm
  • L. 70 P. 12 H. 60 cm
  • L. 80 P. 12 H. 60 cm
  • L. 90 P. 12 H. 60 cm
  • L. 100 P. 12 H. 60 cm
  • L. 120 P. 12 H. 60 cm

It is possible to equip the mirror with a choice of the various optional models offered.

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