Tonelli Design Furnishings: Catalog and Offers


Tonelli Design is a leading Italian company in the furniture sector, founded in the eighties thanks to the passion for research, experimentation with new materials and innovation in unique and elegant models, suitable for all tastes and styles of modern furniture.

Tonelli Design is in fact a reference brand for the world of design, specialized in the production of furniture but above all in the creation of high quality glass accessories.

The strength of Tonelli Design is the choice of raw materials that follow today's laws and respect the values ​​and ideals of sustainability with a team of expert craftsmen who blend tradition and innovation, indispensable elements that have been carrying forward culture and promotion of glass. In fact, this fundamental element has been used by man for centuries for numerous uses, and in different areas, and in home environments, especially the most refined, it gives brightness and lightness.

Choosing Tonelli is a guarantee for anyone who wants to embellish their spaces with accessories that last over time and that never go out of fashion for their originality.

tonelli design
  1. Lamp Hyperion
  2. Bookshelf Paradigma
  3. Bookshelf Quiller
  4. Armchair Naked
  5. Bookshelf Liber
  6. Bookshelf Hemingway
  7. Bookshelf Dazibao
  8. Sideboard Shoji
  9. Bookcase Albero
  10. Bookcase Folio
  11. Sideboard Psiche
  12. Cupboard Liber
  13. Sideboard East side
  14. Table Unity
  15. Table Tavolante
  16. Table T5
  17. Table T-AB
  18. Table Perseo
  19. Table Miles
  20. Table Metropolis
  21. Table Livingstone
  22. Table Luz de luna
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