Filo bedside table with one or two drawers


Filo modern bedside table available in different colors in glossy or matt lacquered finish, the bedside table can be with one or two drawers mounted on Blum slowed closing guides.

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Filo bedside table, simple and squared line, slightly rounded edges and 45 ° inclined for a perfect closure to form a single edge.
The Filo bedside table is available in two types, low and long with one drawer or taller and narrower with two drawers, the lower 23 cm high drawer and an upper one smaller than about 16 cm in height. The handles are integrated and matching the bedside table, these are positioned between the two drawers forming a groove in the two-drawer bedside version, while in the case of the one-drawer nightstand the handle is made between the cover and the drawer itself.
All the drawers of the Filo bedside table are mounted on slow-closing BLUM guides for comfort in all aspects.
All the elements of the Filo bed group can be customized with different glossy and matt lacquered colors.


  • Bedside table with one drawer L 85 P 42 H 25 cm.
  • Bedside table with two drawers W 55 D 42 H 41 cm.

External perimeter or body:

composed of a base, sides and top, made with 18 mm thick particle E1 low particle board panels in wood, are in matt or glossy lacquer in the same color as the drawers, the edges in the front of the unit have a 45 ° inclined edge with rounded edge.


made with 18 mm thick panels in wood particles in class E1 with low formaldehyde content lacquered in matt or glossy finish, even the drawers like the sides have all the rounded edges and the sides that are in contact with the body have a sloping edge of 45 ° so as to allow a flush closure.
All the drawers are equipped with BLUMOTION high sliding guides with end-of-stroke lock and damped return mechanism as standard.

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