Agatha network

Adjustable orthopedic bed base A.T.P. with 50x30 mm section at sight with contrasting plastic finishing angles. Head rack and manual rack feet. Complete with mattress holder arches.
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Adjustable ATP Agatha orthopedic base, with curved 50x30 mm section. Head rack and manual rack feet. Single-channel system of 68 mm inserted in the frame, with rigidity adjustment. Complete with mattress holder arches. Single or 1 and a half square net complete with screw-in metal feet Ø 50 mm.

The metal feet are 30 cm high, obtaining a finished height of the 35 cm high mesh top

Network sizes with metal frame:

  • L. 80 P. 190 cm
  • L. 84 P. 190 cm
  • L. 90 P. 190 cm
  • L. 120 P. 190 cm
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