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Single anatomical net with head and feet regulator. Complete with mattress holder arches and screw-on wooden feet Ø 50 mm. Especially suitable for latex or resin mattresses.
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Alyssa ATP orthopedic adjustable single bed frame with 40x30 mm section visible with rubber finish corner pieces.

Manual head and foot lift with rack and pinion, with multidog system with two 38 mm slats covering the whole frame. Complete with mattress stop arches and metal screw-on feet Ø 50 mm.

The 38 mm slats fixed on the frame to total coverage, by means of suspensions in SEBS, guarantee a high elasticity of the surface and consequently adaptability to the shape of the body, for an absolute comfort. Especially suitable for latex or resin mattresses.

The wooden feet are H. 30 cm high obtaining a finished height of the top of the H. 35 cm net

Single bed net measures L. 80 P. 190 cm

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