Boston shoe rack

Shoe cabinet on the ground or suspended customizable in various colors, with the possibility of having the doors to the mirror flap. Modern entrance shoe rack available in various sizes.
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Boston modern shoe rack with a simple and effective design to hold shoes in a small footprint. Shoe rack with drop down door , which can be in the color of the structure or in a mirror, thus obtaining a further function. Shoe rack ideal for small spaces thanks to the reduced depth, available on the floor or suspended for an elegant and original furniture.

Shoe rack customizable in the sizes that allow you to better adapt the shoe rack in the room.

  • Available widths L. 50 / L. 70 / L. 90 cm
  • Depth available P. 16 / P. 26 cm
  • Available heights H. 119 / H. 157 / H. 195 cm

The shoe rack of H. 195 cm is available only with a depth of 16 cm. In the entrance cabinet with a depth of 26 cm the internal structure is organized to insert two rows of shoes for a maximum number of 45 leaves.

Shoe rack made of thermoplastic material with 16 mm thick panels complete with metal handles in aluminum finish.

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