Chloè table

Chloè table with polyethylene structure available in three colors and black HPL top. Particularly resistant, it is suitable for outdoor solutions with a modern design.
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Il tavolo Chloè è realizzato con struttura in polietilene, materiale che garantisce un'incredibile resistenza agli urti e alle intemperie, adatto quindi anche per un arredo da esterno. Con una finitura opaca e il piano in laminato HPL è di facile pulizia rendendolo funzionale, igenico e pratico.
Il tavolo Chloè moderno dalle linee semplici è un elemento versatile che saprà arricchire ed impreziosire con eleganza ogni tuo spazio, disponibile in due misure e scelta della colorazione delle gambe. Il tavolo si accosta con armonia alla sedia Chloè.

Misure disponibili:

↔︎ Larghezza: 80 cm

↗︎ Profondità: 80/140 cm

↕︎ Altezza: 75 cm


✔ outdoor/indoor
✔ design moderno
✔ resistente
✔ stabile


PLUST Collection products are made with thermoplastic resins (PE), a material that guarantees incredible resistance to impact, ultraviolet rays and all temperatures (-65 °, + 85 °). All items in the collection, at the end of their life, are entirely recyclable.

Warnings and precautions for use

The product must be placed on a flat surface. Do not place objects sideways as it can lose stability and overturn. Do not stand up and use the product as a ladder. Be careful in the presence of children. Continuous and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause alteration of the original finish. Contact with heat sources, stoves, fireplaces, radiators and with chemical agents, cleaning products other than those recommended, can damage the article. Remove the plastic bags as soon as the product is unpacked as in the presence of children they can represent a danger if used for play (danger of suffocation).


Avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt on the surfaces. Periodically clean the product with a sponge wet with water and neutral liquid detergent and rinse with a sponge and water. Dry with a cloth. It is recommended to avoid using detergents or detergents containing solvents and / or ethyl alcohol. In case of stubborn dirt, request Euro3plast detergent. The lacquered versions are suitable for external use but more sensitive to scratches, for this reason it is advisable to clean the surface of the article gently, with the use of "car-polish" type paste. To clean the article and remove the dust, use a wet microfibre cloth, then wipe with a soft and dry cloth. Continuous and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause alteration of the original color and finish of the article.


A matte finish for accessories characterized by resistance and versatility. Washable, resistant to sunlight, heat and impacts, this finish proves to be the ideal choice for those looking for practical and functional furnishings suitable for being positioned outdoors.


The high pressure laminate (HPL) tops must be used with the same care given to the other common surfaces of indoor and outdoor furnishings. It is good practice to keep the hobs always clean and periodically remove the dirt / dust that settles on the surface. For cleaning use a soft, damp cloth with a non-abrasive detergent for cleaning common household surfaces diluted in water. Never use abrasive substances and / or scratching sponges. Rinse with a wet cloth and dry.

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