Flann 2.0 bed

Upholstered design bed with impressive headboard with an important thickness to offer maximum comfort, customizable in fabric, imitation leather or leather upholstery.
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Flann is a double bed with fully upholstered headboard and bed frame: its style is contemporary and eclectic because, thanks to its infinite customization possibilities, it manages to be the protagonist in any kind of environment.

The bed designed by Stefano Spessotto and Lorella Agnoletto was born with the peculiarity of adapting to the character and style of those who choose it: in fact, you can experiment with different types of completely removable combinations with two-tone fabrics or with leather or imitation leather finishes . An element of considerable interest is the possibility to modulate both the height of the bed frame (midi, air, cloud) and the type and shape of the feet as desired.

The Flann bed frame can be transformed from a bed with a more traditional style and an important presence in the room (in the midi solution with a very high bed frame) into a light element from an aesthetic point of view (in the cloud variant with a narrow bed frame and raised feet). Flann is the perfect complement to a sophisticated and elegant bedroom.

It is possible to customize the bed with different coverings for the thesis and the bed frame. For this configuration please contact our customer service.

Bed measurements with thick and wide thesis:

↔︎ Width: 130 - 160 - 180 - 200 - 223 cm

↗︎ Depth: 230 cm

↕︎ Height: 90 cm


✔ Contemporary and versatile bed frame
✔ Maximum freedom of customization
✔ Made in Italy
✔ Highest quality materials

schema tecnico letto Flann

Structure: 1

Elements of the headboard in spruce, sides of the headboard, longons and footboard in E1 class particle board. Longons for cloud bed frame made of class E1 plywood panels.

In the version with BOX or EASY mechanisms, container bottoms in E1 class wood particleboard panels edged and coated in melamine resin, with handles to facilitate extraction. Useful internal height of the container cm. 19.

Network: 6

Orthopedic bed base included in the price, 40x30 steel tube frame, 14 + 14 slats cushioned by silencing sheaths, epoxy powder coated in anthracite gray. Possibility to adjust the height of the base on which the mattress rests in fixed beds without mechanism.

Padding: 2 - 3 - 4 - 5

Headboard in non-deformable polyurethane foam density 30 kg / m³ covered with real goose down. Longons and footboard in non-deformable polyurethane foam density 30 kg / m³ covered with Tecnoform.

Upholstery: 7

In completely removable fabric, in non-removable leather or imitation leather.

Given the natural origin of the leathers used, elements with leather upholstery may require additional seams compared to elements with fabric upholstery.

Characteristics of the lift mechanism:

For bed version with BOX or EASY container, high-strength powder-coated steel lifting mechanism with movement by means of gas springs.

Midi model bed frame:

schema tecnico giroletto Midi

Angles adjustable in different heights thanks to the possibility of fixing the support plate in 5 different positions, allowing the accommodation of bed bases and mattresses of any thickness, even important. This adjustment is only possible in the versions without container. They are also equipped with special holes that allow an easier assembly of the bed frame.

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