Ditreitalia Arredamenti: Catalog and offers

Company founded in 1976 in the province of Treviso, in the heart of the North-East of Italy, thanks to three partners, creating from a typically artisan company, an industrial reality still today, specialized in the production of sofas and upholstered furniture.

Over the years, in the course of their expansion, they have expanded their sales market also abroad. Production is carried out in two factories. The main one in Italy, always in the place of birth, where the fabric sofas are produced. Here the design comes to life by creating even the wooden structures, for a very high Italian quality, until the end of the choice of the coating. The leather sofas are finished in the factory located in Eastern Europe, but under the directives and excellent materials imported by the Italian management.

This company of upholstered furniture, in addition to the very high quality of the products, focuses a lot on innovative and also a little exclusive design. The product line is designed as a tailor-made dress, with passion and love for creativity, to seduce anyone who chooses their products.

ditre italia
  1. Retof sofa
  2. Nolad sofa
  3. Namob sofa
  4. Edas XL sofa
  5. Edas sofa
  6. Locos armchair
  7. Creig armchair
  8. Magi armchair
  9. Austin armchair
  10. Dancun armchair
  11. Krea armchair
  12. Herm armchair
  13. Jest armchair
  14. Shiro armchair
  15. Thaiti armchair
  16. Denis armchair
  17. Quark armchair
  18. Azul armchair
  19. Bolb sofa
  20. Sitra sofa
  21. Redna sofa