Captain bath

Modern bathroom with a simple and elegant line. Large storage compartments reflect the design of the base units with drawers, the splendid 4-door mirror and the open wall units, for a lively and creative solution.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Captain large suspended bathroom with a linear design, complete with bases with comfortable pull-out drawers, large container mirror and open wall units placed sideways for a lively and modern composition.

The bathroom shown in the photo is in a herringbone laminate finish 91

Bathroom cabinet measures: L. 165 P. 52 H. 210 cm

Modern bathroom consisting of:

  • Base with 2 drawers L. 35 P. 52 H. 48 cm
  • Washbasin base with 2 drawers L. 80 P. 52 H. 48 cm
  • Base with 2 drawers L. 50 P. 52 H. 48 cm
  • White console in tecnoril L. 165 P. 52 H. 13 cm ( tub dimensions 60x31 cm H. 10 cm )
  • Mirror cabinet with 4 doors, 2 glass shelves and with internal socket and switch L. 160 H. 65 P. 12 cm
  • nr 2 wall units per day L. 30 P. 15 H. 130 cm


  • Lamp

ATT. mixer not included.


made with 18 mm panels made of wood particles, with borders to polyurethane glue. The exterior finish is the same choice for the front and the inner structure is made of aluminum gray.

Front doors and drawers:

made with 18 mm panels made of wood particles, with borders to polyurethane glue. The drawer guides are in metal to return amortized with metal casing and grappling-quick release system.


Opening with outlet to 45 ° throat on the front.


Misure lavabo soprapiano

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