Verse mattress

Natural latex mattress with 7 differentiated zones with medium capacity. The through drilling guarantees excellent breathability and the particular shapes perfectly follow the body giving a feeling of well-being.
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100% natural Verse latex mattress with an open cell structure that makes it highly breathable and elastic, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. Ergonomic mattress with medium support for 7 differentiated zones that follow, during rest, the natural curves of the body, adapting perfectly to the shapes and providing a correct and comfortable support.

Mattress also suitable for motorized nets, thanks to its elastic nature, complete with cover available in different models with perimeter hinges that allow complete removable covers.

Mattress sizes with medium hardness in latex:

  • Single L. 80 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • Single L. 85 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • Single L. 90 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • 1 and a half square L. 120 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • French L. 140 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • Double room L. 160 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • King size L. 165 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • King size L. 170 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm
  • King size L. 180 P. 190/195/200 H. 22 cm

Technical description of the mattress verse

Mattress with internal structure about 18 cm.

1) Solid wood in 100% natural latex foam

2) shaping with 7 zones of differentiated bearing capacity

3) Through drilling for optimal transpiration

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