Rounded mattress

Rigid round mattress customizable in the springing available with independent springs, in latex, in foam or in memory form. Hand-made mattress, made in Italy complete with covering lining.
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Round mattress Rounded is a quality product Made in Italy, hand finished and customizable in the spring system which can be with Bonnel springs, independent springs, latex, foamed or in memory form. The cover is available in various removable models or even in the fixed version.

In the smaller size the mattress is delivered in one piece, while in the other two dimensions the mattress is composed of two half-moons. In the second case it is possible to select a particular hinge for the union of the two ends.

Round mattress measures:

  • Ø 210 H. 20/21/23/24 cm
  • Ø 220 H. 20/21/23/24 cm
  • Ø 230 H. 20/21/23/24 cm
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