Bubba Bed

Letto imbottito con cuciture a nervetto e bottoni decorativi sulla testiera, disponibile in tutte le misure e in vari rivestimenti.
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Bubba padded bed with buttons and ribbed stitching , with an elegant and modern design, with the peculiarity of being also a comfortable and practical container.
The minimal character is combined with the lines essential ribbed seams that make the bed particularly refined. A row of buttons on both sides of the headboard, rigorously pinned by hand, highlights a timeless style and innate refinement. The presence of the retrofinished headboard represents a refinement in the details that makes the bed suitable for a class room. The Bubba bed can accommodate the textiles of the sleeping area in its capacious container, offering the harmony of the essential.
It adapts well to any type of furniture for the choice of the color of the fabric, completely removable.
Bubba casually shows its versatile soul with the perfectly customizable net in size, up to the maximum depth of 210 centimeters which makes it suitable for those with a tall stature.

Misure disponibili:

↔︎ Larghezza: 96 - 136 - 176 - 196cm

↗︎ Profondità: 215 - 225 - 235 cm

↕︎ Altezza: 105 cm

Mattress not included. Mattress recommended as a network measure.


✔ elegant and refined
✔ wide versatility in the choice of colors
✔ practical and convenient container
✔ ensures comfort and relaxation


made of solid honeycomb wood finished in wood fiber fixed with iron elements at the corners.

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