Rigo Salotti Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Naturally Italian upholstery company, located in the North-East of Italy, in the province of Pordenone. Since the early 1980s it has positioned itself among the most popular companies that produce upholstered beds, sofas for the living room, sofa beds and armchairs, all in the modern or classic version.

Over the years it has always accepted customer requests as a challenge, in order to satisfy and guarantee high quality in the various product manufacturing phases. The essential and strong point of this company is the internal production of the entire product; from the manufacture of the wooden structures and the padding, carefully chosen, to the cutting and sewing of the coverings, up to the assembly of the finished product.

The fabrics that cover the products, from pure cotton to microfibre, are trendy in design and are especially removable. By choosing this company, quality is brought first and then an all-Italian design, with attention to the smallest details. The various models and fabrics guarantee a choice re-evaluated over time; a choice that always comes to satisfy customers' tastes.

rigo salotti
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  1. Lorena bed
  2. Greta bed
  3. Mauri bed
  4. Veronica bed
  5. Fabio bed
  6. Laura bed
  7. Logan bed
  8. Alberto bed
  9. Valerio bed
  10. Elisa bed
  11. Letto Sante
  12. Ghemon sofa
  13. Pluffy sofa
  14. Pluffy sofa
  15. Dumon sofa
  16. Dumon sofa
  17. Tomos sofa
  18. Tomos sofa
  19. Hugo sofa
  20. Hugo sofa
  21. Dillan sofa
  22. Dillan sofa
  23. Maise bed
  24. Doha bed
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