Fabal 2.0 bed

Design double or king size bed in oak wood with comfortable padded headboard upholstered in eco-leather or real leather.
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Design wooden bed with Fabal 2.0 leather headboard, made of oak wood and equipped with a padded back that can be made of leather or eco-leather.
Its design is minimalist and elegant. The lines are geometric slightly rounded at the ends. Essential and with clean geometries, the external shapes recall an inclined plane inside where they find the headboard and network connection.
The supports are adjustable which will allow them to adapt to the shape of the bed of any mattress that has been chosen. The feet recall the geometry of the backrest, made of Abs provide support to the structure, their elegant shape reinforces the concepts of minimalism and essentiality of the forms.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 169.5 - 189.5 cm

↗︎ Depth: 214 - 224 cm

↕︎ Height: 90 cm


✔ elegant, minimalist and essential bed
✔ strong character that gives personality to the sleeping area
✔ use of the highest quality materials
✔ solid wood structure and panels with low formaldehyde content


Side uprights of the headboard and bed frame made of solid wood 40 mm thick covered with veneer with 45 ° joints between the footboard, longons and headboard. The perimeter shapes create an inward sloping plane that horizontally accommodates the mesh and vertically the headboard panel in medium density panels (class E1 with low formaldehyde content) covered with veneer.

Container made with wood particle panels (E1 class with low formaldehyde content) and covered with raised veneer with black ABS feet.

The adjustable supports for the bed base allow you to use bed bases and mattresses with different dimensions.

Bed without container:

Dettaglio letto in legno senza contenitore

Bed without container:

Dettaglio letto in legno con contenitore

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