San Giacomo Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

Italian company, manufacturer of high quality furniture and continuous research in current and futuristic design, located in the north-east, in the heart of the furniture area, where the values, research and passion of furniture are constantly evolving.

Careful selection of raw materials for the production of furniture, in accordance with and in compliance with all current laws, especially in observance of the environment in which we live and human values, adapting to a very high quality standard.

The continuous investment both from a human and technological point of view, in the large factory of over 45,000 square meters, allows the end customer to be able to choose, from a wide range of 150 furnishing programs between the living and sleeping areas, in order to furnish their home with the best Italian quality, taking into account the various personal tastes. Buying a piece of furniture from this company, without a doubt, adds considerable value to the living spaces of your home.

Mobilificio San Giacomo azienda Italiana
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  1. Libreria Lemon
  2. Libreria Lakers
  3. Credenza Lovvy
  4. Libreria Yang
  5. Credenza Ilaria
  6. Credenza Milord
  7. Abici sideboard
  8. Abici sideboard
  9. Mela sideboard
  10. Joco bookcase
  11. Halo sideboard
  12. Raki sideboard
  13. Enia sideboard
  14. Merlino bookcase
  15. Coral bookcase
  16. Mosca living room
  17. Jose living room
  18. Huston living room
  19. Chicago living room
  20. Monaco living room
  21. Miller living room
  22. Stiven living room
  23. Sandrin living room
  24. Giorgia living room
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