Logiko shoe rack

Shoe rack with wooden or mirror door available in various sizes and colors. Entrance shoe rack with the possibility of inserting the boots, ideal also in other rooms of the house.
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Logiko modern shoe rack , thanks to its reduced depth it can be positioned at various points in the house, such as at the entrance or in a storage room. Cabinet that can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes and can also hold boots. Internally it is structured to store shoes both inside and on the back of the doors.

Modern shoe cabinet available in various sizes and colors, with the possibility of having the front of the doors in wood or mirror. The interior of the cabinet is in a single white color, with the adjustable internal equipment that allows it to house even very high and large shoes.

Mobile shoe holder measures:

  • small L. 50 H. 188 P. 30 cm ( 20 pairs of shoes size 48 )
  • large L. 100 H. 188 P. 30 cm ( 50 pairs of shoes size 48 )

Entrance shoe rack with attention to detail, which distinguishes the quality of made in Italy: adjustable feet H.10 cm in aluminum, hardware with double adjustment to simplify the setting of the doors and handle with inclined cut in solid wood.

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