Lyon mattress

Memory form mattress with an embossed layer and a double layer of foamed water for optimal comfort. Mattress with medium rigid capacity with 7 differentiated zones and with machine washable cover.
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The Lyon memory form mattress has a medium stiff bearing that guarantees perfect body support thanks to the 7 differentiated zones: head, shoulders, hips, pelvis, legs, calves and feet. A water-foamed support layer with aeration channels for an ideal microclimate is coupled with a high-density and non-deformable high-density foamed water sheet. At the end of the latter is a layer of rusticated memory form that guarantees permanent contact with the body. On the opposite side there is a high density foamed water slab, with elastic and non-deformable properties, which allows it to always have an optimal support during sleep.

Mattress complete with lining with zipper on 4 sides that allows complete removable covers and washing in the washing machine for a deep hygiene.

Mattress size in memory form with 7 differentiated zones:

  • Single L. 80 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Single L. 85 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Single L. 90 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • 1 and a half square L. 120 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • French L. 140 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • Double room L. 160 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 165 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 170 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm
  • King size L. 180 P. 190/195/200 H. 24 cm

Technical description hamburg mattress

Mattress with internal structure about 20 cm.

1) Embossed memory side with 5 cm thick differentiated areas

2) Double layer of water-based foam, elastic and non-deformable, 5 cm thick

3) 5 cm thick water-foamed support layer

4) Ventilation channels

5) Drilling for reception of shoulder area

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