Midori chest of drawers

Chest of 3 drawers for a modern bedroom furniture, available in various sizes and finishes. Element that can also be placed in the center of the room as it is finished on all four sides.
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Chest of 3 Midori drawers with finished back like the front, can also be placed in the middle of the room, for a creative and original bedroom furniture .

Bedside table measures 3 drawers

  • L. 90 P. 53.7 H. 73.5 cm
  • L. 120 P. 53.7 H. 73.5 cm

Dresser with two drawer opening modes:

  • the first one at the top opens by pulling out the protruding edge of the drawer.
  • the second and third at the bottom can be opened using the Mini plate inserted in correspondence with the opening groove, or the Midori handle can be inserted protruding from the limit of the drawer.

The standard dressers are supplied without handles, as regards the top drawer at the top and with the Mini plate for the second and third drawer.

  • Mini plate
    Placca Mini
  • Midori protruding handle
    Maniglia sporgente Midori

Dettaglio elemento theca con coperchio

Modern chest of drawers with the possibility of having the structure of a different color than the lowered top (or tray) and the ground plinth, so as to have an original design also given by the contrast of colors.

In the lowered top an additional glass top can be inserted for a more elegant effect or a theca with a lid to complete the dresser.

External perimeter: Lavorazione a 45° tra fianco e frontale/schiena

composed of fronts, sides and backrest, made with class E1 particle board panels with low formaldehyde content 20 mm thick. Characterized by a 45 ° beveled edge between sides and fronts.

Top and plinth:

made with class E1 particle board panels with low formaldehyde content 20 mm thick for the top and 50 mm thick for the plinth.


made from 10 mm thick glued transparent glass elements.


they include BLUMOTION high sliding guides with end-of-stroke block and cushioned retraction mechanism as standard. 3 sides sides covered in 14 mm thick PVC and bottom in 8 mm thick melamine with synthetic covering in jute textured finish.


for ground plinth made of black plastic: in the version with stacked plinth it is replaced by a special high-friction film.

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