Arco chest of 5 drawers

Modern drawers with 5 drawers with a special groove handle design that can be customized in color. Wooden double bed for bedroom available in various sizes and finishes.
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Seven drawers Arco capacious and ideal for the night area. Modern septet with a particular handle made through a vertical groove that runs through all the fronts and can be customized in color.

Modern drawers size 5 drawers:

  • L. 45 P. 45 H. 111.2 cm
  • L. 60 P. 45 H. 111.2 cm
  • L. 75 P. 45 H. 111.2 cm
The height of the sill is already inclusive of the adjustable feet in black plastic material height H. 28 mm.


made with E1 class particle board panels with low formaldehyde content (20 mm thickness for the body, top and front), with 45 ° processing between the side and the front.


they include BLUMOTION high sliding guides with end-of-stroke block and cushioned retraction mechanism as standard. 4 sides sides covered in 14 mm thick PVC and bottom in 8 mm thick melamine with synthetic covering in jute textured finish

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