Simple table

Minimal design table with a telescopic metal structure to support an extendable top. The clean and clean geometric lines give a sense of order to the environment. The possibility of using 2 or 3 extensions allows a personalized management of the space.
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The Simple table is characterized by a refined and evocative design that is inspired by the principles of less is more. In fact it has clear and clean lines of great aesthetic impact, able to give added value to the context. Precisely for this reason it turns out to be a very versatile complement, which can be successfully combined with various furnishing solutions and styles. This extendable table allows you to manage the space in an intelligent and personalized way. In fact it is possible to apply two or three extensions of 40 cm each.

Customization also affects the choice of material for the plan itself. Three options are available, namely the Cleaf laminate, the melamine laminate and the Glue Point. It is a combined solution that includes a 12 mm laminate support on which a 6 mm tempered glass top is glued. Instead the supporting structure of the frame is telescopic and made of metal on which epoxy powder paint is applied in various colors.

Extendable small table measures:

  • ↔︎ 80 ↗︎ 120 (160) 75 cm (6 (8) seats)
  • ↔︎ 80 ↗︎ 120 (160-200) ↕︎ 75 cm (6 (6-8) seats)
  • ↔︎ 80 ↗︎ 140 (180) 75 cm (6 (8) seats)
  • ↔︎ 80 ↗︎ 140 (180-220) 75 cm (6 (8-10) seats)
  • ↔︎ 80 ↗︎ 140 (180-220-260) ↕︎ 75 cm (6 (8-10-10) seats)


✔ Versatility in space management
✔ Possibility to choose between two options for the plan
Etto Compliance with EU safety parameters
✔ Characteristic lines of the minimal style


telescopic in epoxy powder coated metal. Frame with general safety requirements EN 12521: 2009 for tables for domestic use.


made of 1.8 cm thick melamine or Cleaf laminate or the "Glue Point" solution, which consists of gluing a 6 mm tempered glass top onto a 12 mm subpanel. The "Glue Point" tops respond to the CATAS "EN 1730: 2000 impact on the top" test, offering the advantage of maximum safety in the event of breakage, thanks to the top glued to the glass.

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