Niloc corner sofa

Modular sofa with right angle or open corner element available in different sizes. Modern corner sofa covered in leather or fabric with reclining headrests and optional removable seats.
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Niloc corner sofa in which the functionality of the reclining headrests and the optional removable seats is enhanced. Modern sofa with great modularity and ingenious functions, ideal for satisfying multiple furnishing needs, offering excellence in comfort. Customizable sofa in the choice of the covering in stain-resistant fabric, in eco-leather or leather and in the choice of high or low feet.

Modular sofa elements with right angle and open angle:

  • side 2 seats L. 136 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • side 2 seats L. 156 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • lateral 2 places L. 176 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • side 2 seats L. 196 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • lateral 3 places L. 226 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • right angle with fixed headrests L. 105 P. 105 H. 76 cm
  • right angle with reclining headrests L. 105 P. 105 H. 76/97 cm
  • open corner with fixed headrests L. 130 P. 130 H. 76 cm

Sofa with completely removable covers for the fabric covering, partially removable for leather and eco-leather.

Corner sofa measures detail:

  • seat height from the ground: 44 cm
  • armrest height from the ground: 60 cm
  • depth with open removable seat: 140 cm
  • armrest width: 19 cm
Struttura interna divano

  1. seasoned wood structure and agglomeration
  2. Seat springs elastic straps in propylene fiber and latex 80mm thesis mechanically
  3. Velvet lining coupled with polyester fiber gr 300
  4. Chrome mechanism for moving back / headrest
  5. Insert seasoned wood
  6. Headrest in polyurethane foam D 18
  7. in polyester wool lining
  8. lumbar pillow made of polyurethane foam D 21
  9. Velvet lining coupled with polyester fiber gr 300
  10. Seat cushion in polyurethane foam D 32
  11. Crowning seat in expanded polyurethane foam, D 28
  12. in polyester wool lining
  13. Armrest in stress-resistant polyurethane foam D 21/30
  14. Cover in fabric, leather or imitation leather
  15. feet
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