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Design kitchen, linear with oven column and fridge column for a large and spacious composition. Modern kitchen made in Italy made of wood and complete with appliances.
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Sarah design kitchen with large dimensions and large capacity. Linear kitchen composed of a fridge column, an oven column with a lower drawer unit, a pantry base with two doors, a base with a door to insert the dishwasher and a sink base with two doors. The visible extractor hood, the pantry cupboards and the two-door drainer wall cabinet complete the composition. Locked kitchen complete with steel sink with tub and drainer, worktop with rear upstand and plinth on three sides.

Modern kitchen composition measures:

  • L. 360 P. 60 H. 216 cm (with wall units H. 72 cm)
  • L. 360 P. 60 H. 240 cm (with wall units H. 96 cm)

Italian kitchen made of wood and customizable in various laminated or lacquered colors and complete with appliances:

Candy appliance kit:

  • CFBD 2450 / 2E Freezer Fridge
  • Black static oven FST 100 N
  • CLG64SPX 60 4-burner stove top
  • Optional concealed dishwasher CD1 2120-02

Indesit appliance kit:

  • IND 2412 S Freezer Fridge
  • Black static oven FI 20 A.BK
  • Hob 60 PW 640 AS / IX stove valves with 4 burners
  • Optional concealed dishwasher DIF 14 B1EU


made of 18 mm thick E1 class chipboard covered in melamine in various colors.

Drawers and hinges:

metabox drawers with painted metal sides with shock absorber. Blum cushioned hinges.

Work plan:

made of laminate with a 4 cm thick post-formed edge or in laminate with a 4 cm thick Unicolor border.


made of plastic material with dust-proof gasket, covered with melamine paper H. 12 cm.

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