Roberto living room

Design suspended living room with mixed wall units with glass and wooden doors and a comfortable LED backlit TV panel.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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The suspended design living room with Roberto TV stand is a classic environment with refined lines and different shades that allow you to create a welcoming environment without any style contrasts.

Each piece of furniture and furnishing accessory has a dimension that is not excessively bulky and above all features such as to transform a simple living room into the main area of your home.

Don't forget the excellent quality that distinguishes all the various components of this particular living room, made with refined materials that increase the aesthetics and value of the entire room. Creating a simple and comfortable environment is therefore possible by taking advantage of this simple living room, where each element finds its space, creating a living room with a perfect and harmonious style, as well as in line with the rest of your home.

Available sizes:

↔︎ Width: 390 cm

↗︎ Depth: 36.9 / 54.6 cm

↕︎ Height: 165 cm

Elegant design living room wall with mixed wall units:

  • Suspended base 1 drawer ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 54.6 ↕︎ 24 cm
  • Suspended base 1 flap door ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 54.6 ↕︎ 24 cm
  • TV stand panel ↔︎ 150 ↗︎ 7 ↕︎ 96 cm
  • Nr 2 Wall unit with 1 glass door + wooden door ↔︎ 60 ↗︎ 36.9 ↕︎ 112 cm
  • Nr 2 Open wall unit ↔︎ 30 ↗︎ 35.3 ↕︎ 48 cm
  • Open side wall unit ↔︎ 30 ↗︎ 35.3 ↕︎ 64 cm
  • Wall unit 1 door ↔︎ 30 ↗︎ 35.4 ↕︎ 64 cm

Advantages :

✔ Spacious and detailed furniture
✔ Classic style with shades available in many variations
✔ Living room that makes even a small room more comfortable and pleasant to see
✔ Highest quality of the furniture
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