Stripe sofa

Modern 2, 3 or 4 seater sofa, hygienic as it has removable covers in the upholstery and for a deep clean. Living room sofa with wide armrests available in various sizes and in various colors.
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Stripe removable sofa with deep cleaning system that allows you to remove the sofa from the fabric to the padding for deep hygiene. Deep cleaning is the innovative processing cycle that allows the coupling, with special stitching, of fabrics and eco-leather to technical materials in polyester fiber, giving rise to an ideal product for simultaneously unlining linings and padding. Customizable living room sofa with eco-leather or stain-resistant fabric that makes it perfect in any situation.

Stain-resistant sofa measures:

  • 2 seats L. 170 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 2 seats L. 190 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 2 seats L. 210 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 2 seats L. 230 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 4 seats L. 290 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 4 seats L. 330 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 4 seats L. 370 P. 90 H. 84 cm
  • 4 seats L. 410 P. 90 H. 84 cm

The combined removable cover gives the possibility to sanitize the products in depth, it allows to ventilate the upholstery and makes it possible to wash upholstered coverings in water or a washing machine.

Linear sofa measures detail:

  • seat height from the ground: 43 cm
  • armrest height from the ground: 54 cm
  • armrest width: 25 cm
Struttura interna divano

  1. wooden structure and agglomeration
  2. Seat springs elastic straps in propylene fiber and latex 80mm thesis mechanically
  3. Padding in polyurethane D40
  4. Coating coupled
  5. Seat cushion in non-deformable polyurethane foam Elastic D28
  6. Back cushion in polyurethane D18
  7. in fabric and faux leather with deep cleaning system
  8. leg
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