Pradal bath

Modern bathroom furniture with suspended drawer bases, white counter top washbasin and laminate console top. Design bathroom complete with mirror and open compartments, customizable in colors.
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Pradal design bathroom cabinet that occupies an entire wall between horizontal and vertical modules that are elegantly arranged creating a welcoming environment, enhanced by the chosen finishes. The open compartments are like many small hanging boxes with edges that recall those of a frame. The same effect is achieved by the mirror as an integral part of the system.

Modern bathroom furniture measures: L. 237 P. 56 H. 225 cm

Suspended bathroom composition:

  • Top console L. 150 P. 56 Sp. 3.8 cm
  • Washbasin in mineral mamo L. 58 P. 38 H. 14 cm
  • nr 2 bases with drawer L. 80 P. 51 H. 36 cm
  • nr 4 wall units day L. 30 P. 15 H. 30 cm
  • Mirror with frame L. 60 P. 15 H. 80 cm


  • Lamp

ATT Not included mixer and siphon.

Technical Features


made in mineral marble with bath without overflow. Lavabo Skin R


GRASS made of metal runners to return amortized with metal and quick-release latch system cover.


opening with outlet at 45 ° throat on the front.


  • laminate: 18 mm panels made of wood particles with a polyurethane bonding edges and internal structure in aluminum gray.
  • lacquered: NOVOPAN panels resistant to moisture and internal structure in gray.
  • Ash: NOVOPAN repellent E1 class panels, with sides exposed coated melamine with double-layer barrier and interior in gray melamine.


  • laminate: 18 mm panels made of wood particles with edges to polyurethane bonding.
  • lacquered: MDF panels.
  • ash: water repellent NOVOPAN panels E1 class, with sides exposed coated melamine with double-layer barrier.

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