Swan coffee table

Sofa table to conveniently store magazines and remote controls at your fingertips. The original curved steel structure recalls the elegance of a swan and the round top is in etched back painted tempered glass.
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Modern Swan sofa table with the characteristic shape of the painted steel structure that recalls the elegance of a swan. The base formed by a circular base is completed with two thin curved profiles that join together under the top. The slightly oval 8 mm thick top is in etched tempered glass and back painted in various colors to match the structure.

Oval design coffee table measures: L. 56 P. 48 H. 66 cm

High side table ideal to place on the side of a sofa, to store any object on hand such as books, coffee cups or remote controls. In addition to the original shape that attracts visually, the coffee table is also characterized by the sablé finish of the structure that makes the surface slightly rough to the touch.

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