Pezzani Arredamenti: Catalog and Offers

The Pezzani company was born in Parma in the early 70s. Its creator, Mr. Pezzani Giancarlo conceived at that time a simple trolley, very simple but at the same time innovative. Just innovation then found fertile ground to be able to produce other furnishings, they also become leaders in the foreign market, exporting the quality and beauty of Made in Italy.

The various materials used to produce consoles, coffee tables, sideboards and other furnishing accessories are steel, aluminum, glass and wood. Well expertly harmonized in the harmonious combination, they offer together qualified products with Italian design.

In 2011 the Pezzani group was named with the "Pezzani Home Collection", to underline and characterize the image of an Italian company dedicated to the creation of elegant and sophisticated furnishings. The furniture therefore finds a solution in small spaces, where a table is needed, or in a console, which once opened can be a kitchen or living room table. There is no shortage of chairs and various trolleys to hold them; all this to optimize spaces in the home, even with a simple furniture sideboard.

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