Zinco living room

Urban chic living room composition that combines different materials and finishes for a timeless and original solution. Solid wood living room furniture with laminam tv panel and metal wall unit.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Zinco urban chic living room where the set of materials that compose it give life to a composition able to maximize the harmonious geometries. The natural materials used such as the laminam for the TV panel, the metal for the wall units and the solid wood for the bases make this living room an elegant piece of furniture suitable for any style of furniture.

Modular living room wall dimensions: L. 363 H. 203.5 P. 35/60 cm

Modern living room complete with LED spotlight inside the showcase and minimalist handles on the front of the bases, the wall unit with a drop down door and the glass door of the display case.

Contemporary wall system composed of:

  • base 1 drawer L. 120 H. 20.1 P. 60 cm
  • base 2 drawers L. 180 H. 20.1 P. 60 cm
  • top L. 300.2 Sp. 1.2 P. 60.3 cm
  • folding wall unit L. 90 H. 40 P. 35 cm
  • equipped back L. 240.1 H. 51 P. 3 cm
  • big shelf L. 240.1 Sp. 5.1 P. 28 cm
  • nr 2 metal dividers L. 55.6 H. 51.1 P. 32 cm
  • metal partition L. 65.6 H. 41.1 P. 32 cm
  • bookcase L. 48 H. 178.7 P. 37.7 cm
  • display case L. 60 H. 203.5 D. 37.7 cm


made of 19 mm thick chipboard panels with 4 mm thick back


  • doors: made with solid wood frame and central panel in MDF
  • glass doors: made with a solid wood frame 21 mm thick with 4 mm thick glass
  • drawers: made with solid wood frame and central panel in MDF with internal structure composed of 12 mm thick wood agglomerate sides and 8 mm thick agglomerated wood bottom in fabric effect melamine. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment
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