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Modern wall unit for the living room, equipped with TV stand on transparent brackets, suspended bookcase and small cupboard with four doors. Composition for a current living room, for a modern furniture of the living area.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Liema modern living room for a current design, characterized with a sideboard to expand the available space in the living area.

Modern living room size: W. 420 H. 180 D. 36,9/45/54,6 cm

The wall system in the picture comes with matt lacquered hemp finish and veneered brown oak finish, with glossy hemp glass doors. Bookshelf with structure in veneered brown oak finish and doors in ocher lacquered matt finish.

Modern living room furniture consisting of:

  • base with 1 drawer W. 120 H. 24 D. 54,6 cm
  • base with vasistas door (downward opening) W. 120 H. 24 D. 54,6 cm
  • wall unit with 4 glass doors with 4 internal shelves W. 120 H. 96 D. 45 cm
  • metal matt black base with methacrylate feet W. 360 H. 12 cm
  • back panel with spacers W. 260 H. 96 D. 2 cm (7 cm depth from the wall)
  • bookshelf with 1 sliding door W. 300 H. 41,5 D. 36,9 cm

Available as an optional, at the back of the TV holder panel there's a Kit with LED lighting and touch switch.


Made of wood particles E1 panels with low formaldehyde content, 20 mm thick for the sides, top and shelves and 4 mm thick for the backs. Plastic edges made with the same color of the structure.


Made of wood particles E1 panels with low formaldehyde content, 35 mm thick. The inside of the door has the same finish as the external side except for the glossy door version, which is made with the corresponding lacquered matt color. Plastic edges made with the same color of the door.


Made of clear tempered glass 6 mm thick.

Hinges and hangers:

made of metal with nickel finish and 90 ° opening, equipped with horizontal, vertical and depth adjustment. Hinges certified C.A.T.A.S.

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