Pimpi desk

Desk for children room with wooden top and legs available in various models also on wheels. Modern rectangular desk customizable in various sizes and colors.
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Modern Pimpi wooden desk ideal for creating a simple study area in the children's bedroom or in a room dedicated to children. Rectangular writing desk with 3 cm thick top, available with wooden legs, metal legs in various types or on wheels for easy movement.

Desk dimensions for boys' room:

  • L. 120 P. 61 H. 73 cm
  • L. 135 P. 61 H. 73 cm
  • L. 150 P. 61 H. 73 cm
  • L. 180 P. 61 H. 73 cm
  • L. 120 P. 80 H. 73 cm
  • L. 135 P. 80 H. 73 cm
  • L. 150 P. 80 H. 73 cm
  • L. 180 P. 80 H. 73 cm

Customizable children's desk in the sizes and colors of both the legs and the wooden top, furnishing the bedroom in various ways, satisfying all needs.

Pannello ecologico Only ISO 9001 certified ecological panels are used with near-zero formaldehyde emissions, falling within the E1 class of the European standards EN 717 and EN 120. The panels are made exclusively with the reuse of 100% wood, through a certified quality production process that respects the environment because it does not involve the felling of trees as required by current regulations.

CATAS CATAS certifications: The products are subjected to quality and safety tests in qualified CATAS laboratories.

ISO 7170: 2005 Reduction in fund coverage
ISO 7170: 2005 Plan decline
EN 14749: 2005 Resistance under load of the wall units
ISO 7170: 2005 Resistance of drawer guides
ISO 7170: 2005 Resistance of the bottom of the drawers
UNI 9428: 1989 Resistance to scratching
UNI 9300: 1988 + FA 276: 1989 Tendency to retain dirt
EN 13721: 2004 Reflectance (color) of the surface
EN 13722: 2004 Specular reflection
EN 12721: 2004 Resistance of surfaces to damp heat
EN 12722: 2009 Resistance of surfaces to dry heat
UNI 9242: 1987 + FA 1: 1998 Resistance of edges to heat

Stampa su carta certificata Products are printed on certified paper. The cellulose contained in this product comes from properly managed forests, independently certified in compliance with the Forest Stewardship Council® standards.

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