Maered chest of drawers

Design chest of drawers, modern and characterized by the grooved handle that can be customized in various colors. Wooden dresser for the bedroom, very large with four drawers.
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Design Maered 4 drawer chest of drawers, to be placed in the bedroom, for a modern and original decor. Wooden chest of drawers with special processing realized in the fronts to obtain the recessed handle for a comfortable opening.

Bedroom dresser measures: L. 130 P. 50 H. 77.7 cm

Modern chest of drawers that can be customized both in the structure and in the avoidance of the handle, to obtain infinite customized solutions in solid or two-tone colors.

Technical Features


made with ecological panels composed of wood particles in class E1.


internal structure, 4 sides, made with panels composed of wood particles class E1, coated fabric facing.


with handles made in the front and slowmotion guides with partial extraction. Drawer with handles formed in the thickness of the individual fronts.

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