Oscar table

Fixed or extendable kitchen table with a modern and minimal design thanks to the thin but solid perimeter legs in painted metal.
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Kitchen table with Oscar slim legs, with top customisable in various colours from glossy or satin glass to textured. A modern table with a minimalist design, suitable for the kitchen in the fixed version and ideal for the living room in the extendable version to comfortably seat several guests for meals with friends.

The extendable table allows the perimeter legs to be kept, making it easier to accommodate guests and making the most of the surface area of the top.

A table with a simple design and essential lines, which guarantee the lightness, practicality and solidity of a product made in Italy.

Fixed and extendable dining table measures:

  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 125 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 140 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 160 ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 125 (175-225) ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 140 (190-240) ↕︎ 76 cm
  • ↔︎ 85 ↗︎ 160 (210-260) ↕︎ 76 cm



✔ Modern, minimalist design with slim metal legs
✔ Available fixed or extendable for every need
✔ Top available in polished, satin-finished or textured glass
✔ Attention to detail, made in Italy


made of metal 3x3 cm painted in various colours and equipped with internal anti-swing reinforcement.

Top and extensions:

made of 1.4 cm thick material, 0.8 cm thick glass or 1.4 cm thick ceramic. Extensions match the finish of the material top, while for the other versions the extensions are white on light finishes and anthracite on dark finishes.

Extension mechanism:

Allungamento tavoloWith this type of opening, the entire structure opens sideways with a sliding movement and inside the table are the extensions to complete the top. Once extracted and positioned above the guides, the extensions allow the table to be extended in several sizes, depending on how many additional tops are available. A very flexible system that allows you to choose how much you want to extend the table.
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