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Italian company founded in 2003 in the Northeast, in the province of Pordenone. In the following years the artisan soul of Italian quality always remains, but this company becomes a highly appreciated industrial reality.

It is a manufacturer of tables, chairs and stools, designed and created specifically to meet the needs of a modern home. The various techniques used together with modern technology allow to create high quality products, verifying step by step all the production processes.

The various technicians within the company know how to mix their knowledge very well to create innovative ideas with the various materials used: wood, glass, stone, ceramic, eco-mortar, leather and leather.

The love for design, the continuous search for materials to create new collections, make it clear how this company puts a great deal of effort into producing collections that are suitable for domestic and current use. The living area is enhanced by inserting elegant and contemporary pieces, always choosing the care that Italian masters dedicate to their production.

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  1. Venezia table
  2. Prink table
  3. Patrick table
  4. Clark table
  5. Linden table
  6. Lewis table
  7. Cedar table
  8. Arvit table
  9. Arkit table
  10. Pedro table
  11. Frank table
  12. Sangy table
  13. Soler table
  14. Gondola table
  15. Salice table
  16. Rasco table
  17. Janchi stool
  18. Momon stool
  19. Trade stool
  20. Blanc stool
  21. Dandy stool
  22. Filona stool
  23. Bonbon stool
  24. Paces stool
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