Living room Maliu

Modern wooden living room, large and spacious with TV stand panel, open wall units for storing books and objects, bases with drawers and tops on bases to increase the storage space.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Maliu modern living room wall , linear and spacious, for storing countless objects and books, complete with TV stand.

Equipped wall dimensions: L. 550 H. 160 P. 35/45 cm

Design living room furniture composed of:

  • 2 bases with 2 drawers L. 180 H. 21.2 P. 44 cm
  • 2 top elements on base L. 180 H. 20 P. 37.7 cm
  • 2 wall unit with door and 1 internal glass shelf L. 60 H. 80.2 P. 35 cm
  • wall cabinet 1 door with 1 internal glass shelf L. 40 H. 80.2 P. 35 cm
  • 2 wall cabinet 1 door with 1 internal wooden shelf L. 30 H. 80.2 P. 35 cm
  • 2 open wall units L. 30 H. 80.2 P. 35 cm
  • equipped back L. 120 H. 80.2 Sp. 2.6 cm

The wall units are complete with a push pull mechanism for pushing the doors open. The bases of the drawers, on the other hand, are provided with a chrome-plated profile recessed in the structure that allows the front to be easily extracted.


made of E1 class agglomerated wood panels with low formaldehyde content, 19 mm thick, with 4 mm thick back panels.


wooden doors made of MDF or chipboard panels 14 or 23 mm thick. 4 mm thick glass doors with 23 mm thick aluminum frames.


made with panels in MDF or 23 mm thick chipboard with an internal structure made up of E1 class agglomerate boards with low formaldehyde content, 12 mm thick and 8 mm thick wood agglomerate base. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment.

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