Mondrian Library

Wall-mounted bookcase made entirely of steel and customizable in various colors for each individual component. Modular design bookcase that by combining one or more elements it is possible to create different and original furnishing solutions.
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Mondrian modular design bookcase in painted steel composed of 2 specular interlocking elements with different depths plus a colored background in the center. Wall-hung bookcase that can be fixed in 8 different positions: 4 diagonal and 4 horizontal. This allows you to creatively combine the basic modules to obtain different solutions in height and width, creating ideal compositions for both the living room and the office or study area.

Design library composed of three elements that can be customized in color to create the combination that best suits your needs. The structure made of sablè painted steel is extremely resistant and the assembly foresees 6 wall fixing points to guarantee maximum capacity. The sablè finish is a manufacturing process (sandblasting) that makes the surface opaque, anti-reflective and slightly rough to the touch.


✔ Customizable
✔ Many compositions available
✔ Made in Italy
✔ Wall-hung bookcase

Sablè painting.

Trendy colors for a welcoming and sophisticated home, with reflections that change according to the intensity of the light, made with epoxy powder paints fused on metal at 180 ° C. A process where the paint penetrates into the pores of the metal guaranteeing perfect anchoring and great resistance to abrasion.

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