Donnie library

Living room bookcase with open compartments and hinged doors of different thickness that moves the composition. Modern wooden bookcase complete with suspended bases with drawer and flap door.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Donnie modern modular bookcase in which the use of wood, inspired by the principle of recovery, in a contemporary key, of traditional materials, does not disregard attention to the theme of eco-sustainability.

The irregularities and natural veins of the essence acquire a renewed aesthetic value through the contrast with the regular geometries of the doors, combining tradition and modernity.

Measurements: living room bookcase: L. 423 H. 211 P. 33 / 45,6 cm

Library wall in which its extreme modularity allows the creation of the most diverse compositions, always inserting a part containing compartments closed inside the lattice formed by the open compartments.

Shoulders - dividers - shelves:

made with particleboard of E1 class wood with low formaldehyde emission, 30 mm thick.


made with particle board of E1 class wood with low formaldehyde emission, 15 mm thick.


made with particleboard of E1 class wood with low formaldehyde emission, 20/35 mm thick. The drawer fronts the side panels are made of wood of class E1 with low formaldehyde emission, 14 mm thick, with a synthetic finish covered in jute, with a 8 mm bottom. The drawer guides inserted in the bookcase are standard with total extraction.

Hinges - sideburns - guides:

Hinges and base plates in nickel-plated metal with 90 ° opening, equipped with horizontal, vertical and depth adjustment. The hinges are CATAS certified with durability tests at 80,000 openings (UNI 10715/99, par 10.4). The drawer and frame rails are with high-slip cushioned closing with end-of-stroke lock and cushioned retraction mechanism (Blumotion).

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