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Modular suspended and modern living room, made of wood for an original and capacious equipped wall, where the TV is placed above the bases with flap doors.
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Frimer modular living room wall with closed volumes that conceal a roomy container, decorated with open elements of light thickness. Elegant and functional composition that allows you to furnish the living room wall in an original and practical way.

Wooden living room furniture measures: L. 310 H. 180 P. 35/44 cm

Modern wall system composed of:

  • nr 2 wall units with internal glass shelf L. 30 H. 120.3 P. 35 cm
  • wall unit with two internal glass shelves L. 40 H. 150.2 P. 35 cm
  • base with two flap doors (opening downwards) L. 180 H. 41.3 P. 44 cm
  • open wall unit L. 30 H. 120 P. 34.8 cm
  • open wall unit L. 30 H. 90 P. 34.8 cm

Technical Features


made of E1 class agglomerated wood panels with low formaldehyde content, 19 mm thick, with 4 mm thick back panels ennobled.


made with MDF or chipboard panels 23 mm thick.


made of MDF or chipboard panels 23 mm thick, with an internal structure composed of sides in 12 mm thick wood agglomerate and 8 mm thick agglomerated wood bottom in melamine. Invisible square type guides with sliding carriage equipped with anti-release catch and vertical adjustment.

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