Sciabola library

Design bookcase with shaped protruding shelves compared to the structure. Full wooden cabinet library of colored containers details enhance the style.

Customizable composition made to measure. Contact us for a dedicated project.

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Mobile Sabre design library from the harmonic line characterized by shelves that protrude in the central curvature. Original composition, suitable as a holiday or mobile library for the study, with swing leaf containers inserted between the shelves, colorful and linear.

Measures shaped library: L. 195 P. 330 H. 33 / 42.6 cm

Composition for the living area that gives the place a lively character for a contemporary and original flavor. Residence Wall bookcase characterized by three-dimensional data lines with irregular protruding shelves which create a three-dimensional movement.

Shoulders - dividers - shelves:

made with particelledi of class E1 wood panels with low formaldehyde emission, of thickness 30 mm.


made with particelledi of class E1 wood panels with low formaldehyde emission, of 15 mm thickness.


made with wood of particelledi panels E1 class with low emission of formaldehyde, of 20/35 mm thickness. The drawer fronts are made with the rails particelledi E1 wood with low emission of formaldehyde with 14 mm thick synthetic coating plotted jute finish, with 8 mm bottom. The drawer guides inserted in the library are full extension number.

Hinges - whiskers - guides:

Hinges and metal whiskers in nickel finish with a 90 ° opening, equipped with horizontally, vertically and in depth. The hinges are certifed with CATAS durability testing to 80,000 openings (UNI 10715/99, par 10.4). The guides of drawers and frames are with high-slip soft closing with end stop and soft closing mechanism (Blumotion).

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